Give Today to DSAJ

By donating to the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville (DSAJ), it means you WILL be making a difference and helping us fulfill our mission to empower individuals, educate families, enhance communities and together, celebrate the extraordinary lives of people with Down syndrome

Our Mission

The Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville (DSAJ) is a non-profit organization committed to helping people with Down syndrome achieve their full potential and to helping create a community that is educated, supportive, and inclusive of individuals with Down syndrome.

DSAJ Employment Initiative

Helping inidviuals with down syndrome achieve their full potential.

Funded Programs

Programs designed to encourage development for all stages of live.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give. From cash donations to volunteering, all support is appreciated.
How are your donations spent?

Making a Difference

Your donation, enables us to do such things as offer educational workshops for parents and self-advocates on hot topics, subsidized funding for a variety of programs, some of which include; speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, computer skills training, sports programs, wellness/fitness programs (Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer and Weight Watchers) and age appropriate social activities.  These are just few ways in which your giving will make a difference!

To those of you have supported the DSAJ in the past – thank you!  We hope that your generosity towards our mission continues.  To those of you who may be first-time donors, I urge you to explore our website to learn more about our programs and how we strive to serve individuals with Down syndrome and their families in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.